Mohawk Park Tennis Club Rules & Policies


  • Court hours - 7:00am to 11:00pm.
  • All courts are reserved for the exclusive use of MPTC members and for tennis use only. Any trespassers will be reported to Peel Police.
  • Court booking: First come, first serve; members hang their racquets on the wait board for either Court A or Court B. 40 minutes maximum playing time per court. No double booking permitted. Absent member will lose their turn in the event another member is waiting for a court.
  • Guest policy: Members must obtain guest pass for $5 and register any prospective guests. Each guest is limited to only once per year and must always be accompanied by a member per court. Advance notice is required.
  • All members and guests are expected to adhere to the club's rules and code of conduct as outlined here. Failure to do so may result in the individual's membership privileges being revoked.
  • Tennis and Sports attire must be worn at all times with "non marking" tennis shoes. Any improper shoes will not be allowed inside the courts.
  • All members are issued a 2016 shoe tag and are expected to wear it at all times when playing. Failure to wear a shoe tag could result in being refused access to the courts. Swapping shoe tags with non-members is strictly prohibited and is considered an act of trespassing. A $5 fee per replacement tag.
  • Members must not divulge the pass-code or lend their key for court access to non members.
  • Only playing members allowed inside the courts, no spectators permitted inside the courts.
  • Prohibitions on the Use of Electronic Devices Except as permitted under this policy, the use of electronic devices on tennis courts or around Club to record lessons or other players without their consent is prohibited. Electronic device means any device capable of transmitting and/or recording data or audio, including smartphones, cellular phones, computers, laptops, tablets, notebooks, personal digital assistants, or other similar devices.
  • Members are responsible for locking/closing the club's door at all times.
  • Members shall not use audible obscenities, make obscene gestures of any kind, or spit whilst on court.
  • Members shall not violently, dangerously or in anger hit, kick or throw tennis balls, racquets or other equipment.
  • Members shall not at any time physically or verbally abuse any other member, visitor or spectator.
  • Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner with due regard to the authority of club officials, senior and junior members and the rights of opponents, spectators and visitors.
  • Any noise complaints received by residents or by other members will result in immediate suspension of membership privileges.
  • Click here to view City of Mississauga's By-Laws on Noise Control and Nuisance Noise

  • Alcohol and/or smoking consumption is absolutely prohibited within tennis courts.
  • Members are responsible for recycling/disposing of any water bottles, metal tops to your cans and/or litter in bins located on the outside of the courts. Please empty bins when they are full.
  • With the exception of Service Animals, no pets are allowed inside the tennis court premises. A Service Animal must be clearly identified; for example, a guide dog wearing a harness and/or vest.
  • Scheduled events are given court priority unless cancelled or is completed prior to the scheduled time allotted.
  • Members are to report any suspicious activity around the club to the Board of Directors and/or Club Pro. Contact security at 905-896-5040 for any emergency and/or vandalism concerns.
  • Only MPTC's Club Pro may provide tennis lessons and assessments. Ball hoppers are only permitted by MPTC's Club Pro. There is a limit of six tennis balls per court unless a member has a scheduled program/lesson with the Club Pro
  • Members assume all risks in using the courts at Mohawk Park Tennis Club. If the courts are not safe due to moisture, leaves, etc... it is the member's decision to use sound judgment whether to play or not.

Mohawk Park Tennis Club is not responsible or liable for any personal injuries/ equipment damages incurred during the outdoor season. Failure to abide by the above rules will result in disciplinary action by the club which could result in membership being revoked or suspended.

  • Mohawk Park Tennis Club complies with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act ("PIPEDA") which became effective January 1, 2004. Any personal information you provide to Mohawk Park Tennis Club will be used by Mohawk Park Tennis Club's Executive Board, its volunteers for the purpose of conveying membership information and newsletters to you. You can rest assured that your information will be held in total confidence and not be shared with any external affiliates or partners with the exception of the City of Mississauga upon request.

Mohawk Park Tennis Club reserves the right to amend rules and policies in response to changing circumstances, or for any other reason. Membership will be notified of any major changes either by email, in person or by phone. Mohawk Park Tennis Club's executive and volunteers would like to thank all members for participating with the tennis club.