Contact Us

For general inquiries, please email: Membership @ mohawkparktennis .org

Executive Board
Alex Gregory - President (since March 2016)
President @ mohawkparktennis .org

Alex Gregory - Communications Director (since March 2016)
Communications @ mohawkparktennis .org

Ingrid Clarke-Pitt - Treasurer (since April 2015)
Treasurer @ mohawkparktennis .org

Ingrid Clarke-Pitt - Secretary (since April 2010)
Secretary @ mohawkparktennis .org

Katherine McInnis - Membership Director & Fundraising Committee (since November 2012)
Membership @ mohawkparktennis .org

Nicholas Waithe - Compliance Director (since March 2015)
Compliance @ mohawkparktennis .org

Carole Perrotti - Marketing Director (since April 2008)
Marketing @ mohawkparktennis .org

Full Time Volunteers
Ravi DeSouza - Club Pro and Volunteer Program Coordinator (since 2000)
ClubPro @ mohawkparktennis .org

Past Director(s)
Michael Pitt - President & Equipment Management (April 2007-January 2016)
Masood Shoaib - Treasurer (from January 2013 - 2014)
Yolanda Swanson - Treasurer (from 2007 - 2012)
Supported the Club's mandate and vision with her accounting and budgeting expertise, and participated in all Club activities.

Special Projects Volunteer(s)
Victoria Meola- Marketing, Membership & Treasury Support (since 2015)
Contributes her expertise and supports the Club with various duties including membership processing and supports Treasurer duties.

Diana Meola- Volunteer at open day events, past Communications volunteer (since November 2012)
Contributes her expertise and supports the Club with various duties including communications and volunteer guidance.

Anthony Meola- Marketing, Membership & Communications Support (since 2012)
Contributes his expertise and supports the Club with various duties including updates to membership list and email campaigns .

Andrew Swanson - Chartered Accountant (2008-2012)
Contributed his expertise and guided the Treasurer on financial year end statements.

Yvonne DeSouza - Grant Writing Consultant (2008-2009)
Active community member and supports the board with grant proposals and letter writing and proofreading.

Kimberly Chu - Website Designer (2009)
Designed a trendy website to promote Mohawk Park Tennis Club's services and events to their membership.